Upcoming talks, press, & selection of work




Keynote remarks - Woman in Tech Executive Salon - Odyssey Media, London April 2019

Pathway to Google, National Hispanic Student Leadership Summit @Austin, April 2019

Latin0s in tech– California State University Long Beach, March 2019

Speaker at Google.org $5M grant Los Angeles, March 2019

CIID Examiner - Copenhagen, December 2018

Future State - Melbourne, November 29 2018

Open Mobile Summit, San Francisco, November 27 2018

AGI Open, Mexico City, September 29, 2018

Mobile World Congress Americas, Los Angeles, September 14, 2018`

Kinnernet Venice, August 2-4, 2018

Memorias del Futuro- San Jose Costa Rica, April, 2018

SXSW 2018, A Conversational Future: Making Technology Adapt to Us. Austin, March, 2018

Spark Lab New Zealand, August 12, 2017- (video)

SEMIPERMANENT. Auckland, August 11, Future of future panel

Tech Open Air. Berlin, July, 2017– Technology adapting to us (video)

Adobe/Behance Portfolio review. San Francisco, May 10, 2017– Livestream

ING Creatives. Dubai, April 14,2017– Conversation in Design

SXSW. Austin, March 12,2017–The future of conversational UIs

SEMIPERMANENT. Sydney, 26/5/2016–How people figure things out, an inspiration for technology

Portland Design Week ZIBA, Portland, 14/8/2015–From the fringe to the everyday: realizing the future through design

Listening Machines, NYC. 11/6/2015– Interacting with listening machines